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We turn your receipts into invoices

It is common for businesses and their employees to incur expenses for which they receive a simplified invoice or receipt as proof, which are not valid documents in order to recover VAT. A full invoice is required, as well as an assessment of which expenses are deductible and which are not.

In 60dias we process all our clients’ receipts and contact the suppliers who issued them in order to obtain complete invoices, so that they can recover the VAT on their next declaration. In Spain, current legislation allows VAT not to be prescribed until 4 years after issue.

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Deduction procedure

Recepción y digitalización de los documentosRecepción y digitalización de los documentos -1

Reception and digitalization of documents

We obtain our clients’ receipts by downloading them directly from the expense management tool they work with or in paper format, in which case we collect them free of charge and digitalize them

Análisis y validaciónAnálisis y validación -2

Analysis and validation

We extract the data automatically with our OCR system, and a team reviews, completes and validates the data on each receipt to avoid errors and ensure that all expenses are liable to deduction

Obtención de las facturasObtención de las facturas -3

Obtaining the invoices

We contact the suppliers to request these complete invoices. Currently, we already have relationships with 490.000 suppliers, with which more than 73.000 have already signed invoicing agreements, making the process much faster

Recup del IVARecup del IVA -4

VAT recovery

We generate a file with all the documents adapted to the ERP of each client for an automatic download of all the information in its system and that can justify the deduction of that VAT, always maintaining the maximum standards of security

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Benefits of recovering VAT with 60dias

Mejor tasa de éxito del mercado

Best market success rate

Our work system combines ORC technology, with our own team of specialists, which allows us to offer our clients the best rate of recovery of VAT on receipts on the market. We achieve an average recovery of over 80% of those receipts claimed!

Ni un ticket sin procesar

Not one unprocessed receipts

We are committed to processing 100% of our customers’ receipts. We do not discriminate amounts or concepts. We pursue everything from a 600 euro dinner to a 0.50 euro toll!

Carácter retroactivo

Retroactive nature

We recover not only current and future VAT, but also the past. The tax framework allows the deduction of VAT for up to the last 4 years (Spain), which is not yet prescribed, so that initially a very significant cash injection is achieved almost immediately

Servicio internacional

International service

We offer an international service adapted to the legislation of each country in which we recover VAT, while seeking to reach new markets.

Sin mínimos, ni cuotas

Without minimums or quotas

We price to success! We charge a percentage of recovered VAT so we only gain if you gain. We do not ask for fixed or minimum fees. A Win-Win service in which the client will see his liquidity increased

Servicio Hands Free

Hands Free Service

A service where you don’t have to worry about anything. With just your authorization we take care of everything and you will receive the invoices in a file adapted to your ERP

Nos adaptamos a ti

We suit your needs

Each client has its own way of working, which is why we offer a flexible service that adapts to the needs of each one. It’s also a hands-free service that seeks maximum performance without compromising on customer service

We are integrated with the main expense management apps in the market

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Usual deductible expenses

Restaurants 540x450Restaurantes y cafeterias 2 540x450
Transport 540x450Transportes 2 540x450
Tolls 540x450Peajes 2 540x450
Parkings 540x450Parkings 2 540x450
Leasing 540x450Leasing 2 540x450
Fuel 540x450Carburantes 2 540x450
Hotels 540x450Hoteles 2 540x450
Shopping 540x450Compras 2 540x450

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