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Join us at the events in which we participate throughout the year. Participate as an audience in one of our webinars or come to a congress and meet us in person. We are waiting for you!

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Past events

  • 16 February: Congress – SAP Concur Day 2022
  • 22 February: Webinar – Tax and treasury optimisation with Agicap
  • 09 May: Formation – Yokoy Germany’s commercial department
  • 08 July: 60dias Annual Study Day
  • 08-09 July: II Open Golf 60dias
  • 26 September: Finance Meeting 2022
  • 11 May: Webinar – Automating expense management with Rydoo
  • 25 May: Webinar – Saving money in times of pandemic with Expensya
  • 29 June: Webinar – Smart expense management with SAP Concur
  • 10 July: 60dias Golf Open
  • 14 July: APD- 4th National CFO Congress
  • 28 September: AUSAPE – Forum 2021
  • 19 November: Convention – Mobile Week Orense
  • 25 November: Convention – IX CPOnet Convention
  • 10 March: SAP Concur Day, CFO and IT Congress in Madrid
  • 24 March: SAP CONCUR – Travel managers, HR and financials
  • 3 April: Training Webinar organised by EXPENSYA
  • 28 April: Webinar – Increase your Liquidity with EXPENSYA
  • 14 May: Webinar – Savings Opportunities by CAPTIO
  • 2 June: Financial Innovation Open Talks by AERCE
  • 9 June: Webinar for clients organised by CONCUR
  • 18 June: Webinar for clients hosted by RYDOO
  • 23 June: Internal Webinar hosted by AMERICAN EXPRESS
  • April: Expo Turismo de Negocios Congress at IFEMA, Madrid
  • April: Webinar for financiers, travel managers and buyers on LinkedIn
  • May: Webinar organised by ENZYME with Captio
  • May: Northern Zone Buyers’ Congress with AERCE, Basque Country
  • May: Conference with ASSET & Rydoo (+FLUIDRA) in Fomento, Barcelona
  • June: Andalusia Buyers’ Congress with AERCE in Malaga
  • July: Event with Capgemini and Concur in Madrid
  • September: Buyers’ Congress of the Valencian Community with AERCE
  • October: Innovation in Purchasing Workshop with AERCE in Barcelona
  • October: CPOnet Procurement Convention at IFEMA, Madrid
  • November: Webinar organized for Notilus clients and potentials
  • December: Financial and travel managers webinar organized by Rydoo
  • October: Stand at the FINANCE MEETING in Madrid
  • September: CFOS Congress with APD in Santiago
  • June: Presentation with RICOH in Zaragoza
  • June: Presentation CONTROL SYSTEMS, Palau de la Música, Barcelona
  • April: Webinar with EXEVI in Madrid
  • March: Webinar with ENZYME in Barcelona
  • February: Presentation with TECNEA in Gijón
  • November: SARCE Financial Congress, Madrid.
  • December: Webinar with Captio in Tortosa
  • October: Presentation with GTRES60 / TIGLOO in Guetxo, Bilbao

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